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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's your OSMODE?

Mine, 111.

Everyone has their own preferences for which running osnaps they like to have. Once you have yours set to your liking, type in OSMODE. Enter new value for OSMODE : will be your prompt. Write down or memorize that number in the brackets, that is your OSMODE. Now anytime you want to reset your running osnaps to your liking you can by entering your number.




trendydesigner said...

I am hoping that you might be able to help me out with a problem that I have had with my vista. I notice you on autodesk and am "praying" that you can help me out.
I purchased a new laptop last week and tried to install autocad 2007...when it said it was not compatible. So I then proceeded to download the service pack 2 from autodesk but when I tried to run said it could not read the autocad.

How can a girl get the service pack to run when I can't get it to read the autocad which needs the service pack.

I would sincerly appreciate any information that you could pass along...

PenDean Inc. said...

I prefer 123 :)

cadpoobah said...

It's 4223 for me! Even though I don't work with circles much, it's nice to have Circle & Quad available when I need it. And I find Extension to quite useful at times, similar in behavior to polar tracking.