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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Custom keyboard commands


I learned something new, the SHIFT key overrides the default radius. So when prompted to pick lines to fillet hold the SHIFT key down to fillet with a zero radius. This will keep your radius stored & will not over write it.


I used to use FF to execute a lisp routine that would fillet with a radius of zero. You can create a toolbar, menu or tool palette object to do this but what about the keyboard. Here's a tip.

In the CUI drag the command fillet up to the keyboard shortcuts part of the CUI tree.

Once added you can adjust the macro to set the fillet radius to zero & specify a keyboard shortcut to execute the command, I use SHIFT + F to execute it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
pressing SHIFT key while filleting will temporarily override fillet radius value. Yet to see whether it works in LT as I have never seen AutoCAD LT in my life ;). I like this software due to the challenge it raise for costumization. By the way, all the best for your LT (ad)ventures.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it does work in LT

Erik said...

Thanks, that is something I did not know.