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Thursday, August 23, 2007

DIESEL "IF" Statement

While looking for LT info I ran across this help.


The portion in orange is the test (IF "tilemode" equals 1). If the test is true it does the first statement, if the test is false it does the second statement. Each statement is separated by a comma.

Thanks for the tip Ty.


Priit said...

I use this to toggle layer named "1keevis" (its welding in Estonian).
What it does it creates this layer if its not present , otherwise it toggles between this and previous.

Its a copy from my mnu file. I made my own firm and had no money at the beginning to buy full CAD- so i tried to make LT look and feel as FULL.

ID_ktb [_Button("ktbar","ktbar","ktbar")]^C^C-layer;new;1keevis;color;red;

I used enter to break it up - delete it.

ablanchard said...

I am trying to create a one pick selection for ddedit and attedit. I am using LT 2008 with the noun/verb off, otherwise the double-click option would do the job.
I know I have to somehow pick the object and find out what it is.

This is what I have so far. I know the test area is wrong. Any help would be apprecitated.