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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hello all,
my name is Erik Deyo & I recently took on the duty of CAD Manager at a small engineering firm. Working at a small business has its good & bad points, smaller budgets mean smaller resources. We currently use AutoCAD 2007 LT & I plan on sharing pieces of information with all of you as I discover them. I look forward to sharing with everyone.


Melanie (Stone) Perry said...


Awesome, man. I don't know of anyone else out there who blogs specifically about LT.

I support a couple of LT seats, so I'll be checking in for some helpful things to pass along to them (as well as learning what I've got to keep in mind in how it differs from what I'm using).


Sitereader said...


Wonderful thing you are doing here. I would love to here more about how you overcome, dare I say the crippling of LT. Do you use any of the addons and if you do how do they perform.

Muchos gracias.

Anonymous said...

hi Erik :o)

congradulations on blogging about LT... one of my favorite products from Autodesk. i think if more people knew how much bang for the buck LT does pack, they'd switch over (or switch over others) from using full AutoCAD. it is a perfectly tailored product for many businesses and applications.

best wishes!

dave espinosa-aguilar
AU Faculty

Anonymous said...

Hi Erik,

Great start to your LT supprot site. I used to support numerous copies of LT and re-wrote full AutoCAD lisp based menus for running on LT.