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Friday, August 24, 2007

Status bar

I used to have a little lisp that when added to the acad.lsp file, would display drawing information on the status bar. With out the use of lisp I can do the same thing, I just have to go about it differently. I created a startup script & added the following... (watch for word wrap)

MODEMACRO Date =$(edtime,$(getvar,date),mon/dd/yyyy) | Dimscale =$(getvar,dimscale) | LTscale =$(getvar,ltscale) | Dimstyle =$(getvar,dimstyle)

I then added "/b startup.scr" to the target line in my AutoCAD icon. Now every time I start AutoCAD it will run this script & my status bar will have the information I like.

Have a good weekend,



Anonymous said...

I wonder where you figured that out at...?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this blog together. It is nice to see some tricks and suggestions for those of us on LT.

Anonymous said...

Just began using this little tip yesterday. Very cool. I obviously didn't go to any school for Acad, but I'm quickly learning and applying what I know in my office.

Anonymous said...

How could edit this macro to show drawing scale, and units?

Erik said...

You can have the Modemacro return a numerical answer to lunits. try Drawing Units = $(getvar,LUNITS) It would be nice to have it return a word instead of the variable. However, that is a little over my head for programming. Maybe someone here can help.